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AHAM 2020 Membership

It is time to renew your membership for the year 2020. Those members interested in being renewed to the Arabian Horse Association,  DO NOT LET IT RUN OUT !!


AHAM 2020 Membership

Name: _________________________________ Date: _________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________
Membership Fees:                           Phone: __________________________
____ $25 Junior   E-Mail: _______________________
____ $30 Individual   ___ /___ /___ Date of Birth Jr/AHA
____ $40 Family   ________________ Soc.Sec # /AHA
____ $45 Youth Member w/AHA  

__________________Junior Name(s)

____ $70 Youth Member w /AHA & Competition Card   __________________Horses Name(s)
____ $10 per horse/Year End Awards  


Adult Member w/AHA

____ $80 Adult 1 Year   ____ $115 Adult 1 Year & Competition Card

Make Checks payable to AHAM
Mail To: c/o Sue Pratt, 5A Farm Street, Blackstone, MA 01504
Or you can join through the AHA page by selecting AHAM when
asked for club affiliation.

The AHAM 2020 Membership has been saved in a PDF file format and requires a copy of Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing. The majority of computers already have a copy of Acrobat Reader installed. If you do not presently have a copy of Acrobat Reader installed you may download a free copy at the Adobe website.

The AHAM Membership file will open in a new window. Close the new window when you are finished with the file and you will return to this page.

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